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How long will it take to get a website. Depending on the information you provide about your business we can usually design a site in 2-3 weeks. Then you take a look and make any changes. When the site is ready to go online is always your call.

What if I need to change something on my website. All changes should be submitted by email. Text changes such as schedule updates, personnel updates, coming events will be added within 2 to three days. Fliers and photos of events are also added promptly. Have an important announcement that needs to go up immediately. Give us a heads up and we’ll get it done.

Can I add things to my own website. We prefer to make all the changes to a website. The main reason for “out of whack” websites is mis-sized margins, overly large photographs and poorly designed pages. By sending your content directly to us by email - we can place it on the page without disrupting the layout. This maintains the professional look of your site from page to page. And let’s be honest - why hire a designer if you want to do it all yourself. Wouldn’t you just rather send an email?

Is there an additional charge for video or photos. There is no additional charge for video or photographs. Send them to us and watch for them on the internet. We also create video projects and flash videos. If we come to your location and film and do a creative piece for you there will be an additional charge - but it will be quoted before hand.

How does billing work. Once the web site is ready to go online we will buy your domain name or transfer your existing name to our servers. You will  be billed the agreed upon rate at that time payable upon receipt.. All changes are included in this price for one year from the date of your original invoice. The following year you will receive an invoice 30 days prior to your renewal date. Once we have received your payment we will renew your domain name for another year.


Your photos or ours!

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