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Although the majority of us spend countless hours in todays world on the internet many people do not really know how it works.

Web Primer

A network is formed anytime two or more computers can link and “talk to each other.” The Internet is just  the largest of networks that follow a given protocol. Servers around the world link to each other and information travels at lightning speeds.


So how do you put your information on the Internet?

You need several things.

A domain name. This name is exclusive to you. It is how you are found on the internet. When the internet started only one company could issue domain names and prices were at a “fixed rate” . Today there are many companies issuing domain names and we find you the best available rate.

A Hosting account. This is space that you buy on a web server. Your designed web site is uploaded to this server. Servers come in all sizes and offer hosting packages in all price ranges.  We use several large servers to host our accounts. From experience we find this works best. If your site is hosted on a small local server it probably has less speed than the larger servers. If a technical problem occurs with their equipment it will take longer to resolve.

What we do for you. We design or “build” your website with information you provide us. You can have as much or as little input as you desire in this process. Depending on the content this process usually takes a few weeks.  We then give you a “sneak peek” at your site hosted within one of our existing sites. You can give this link to friends or colleagues that you wish to take a look at this “first draft.” When the site is to your liking we purchase your domain name, and upload it to a server where we host our accounts and your website is available to all via the internet. We specialize in keeping your site fresh and interesting and up to date.

Why shouldn't I just use a free or do-it-yourself service? For the same reason you hire a plumber. Professional results from a professional service. Ever been to a web site where photos are skewed or buttons or links don’t work. Do it yourself sites use “cookie cutter templates.” All of the sites look the same or similar. If you try to input content that doesn't fit the template - strange results can occur. Your web site is your online business card. It introduces you to the world - make it the best it can be.

Getting your site noticed - And one final thing. Just because you have a web site doesn’t mean it will get noticed by the masses. Web sites need placement. They need links and tags embedded in the content and in the pages to drive traffic to your site.  Even the best designed site in the world won’t help your business if it is not getting traffic. Let us handle your market placement too.

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